What is InfusionMatrix

Welcome to Infusion's Matrix. Our mission is to provide affordable access to high quality digital instruction that both enhances teacher performance, and increases student achievement. The technological revolution has opened opportunities to streamline education in a manner that informs instruction and empowers student learning. E-learning experiences not only connect students with tools of exploration and production, but to each other as well. The classroom of the future goes far beyond school walls to reach out into the real world.

When designed toward best educational practice, rigor and relevance are natural byproducts of the digital environment. Our network is designed to incorporate best educational practices into a flexible framework that allows teachers to easily customize digital lessons, while providing opportunities to connect with other classrooms through a variety of collaborative learning tools.

21st Century Skills are absolutely necessary to compete in the global marketplace. Our network provides access to a learning experiences that cultivate innovation, problem solving and other critical habits of mind. These habits are what help students become college and career ready. Infusion Matrix is the education solution that provides endless solutions.