Why InfusionMatrix?

Infusion Matrix was designed for teachers, by teachers through application of best educational practices. We make it a priority to facilitate smooth transition to the digital environment by keeping the system flexible, intuitive and reliable. Both teachers and administrators appreciate the comprehensive approach provided by InfusionMatrix. No longer will they be required to develop curriculum again and again using different digital tools. The system simplifies the e-learning experience.

Our network provides an innovative approach to application of digital tools in the 21st Century classroom. InfusionMatrix is designed to allow teachers and administrators to easily customize digital resources to fit any curriculum. Lesson construction is flexible and can be applied to any subject matter. Individual school districts can create or employ the standards, objectives and skills that fit their needs.

Teachers are free to use their creativity in lesson design and implementation, as the system serves to enhance rather than replace their valuable skills and knowledge. Students benefit from access to powerful instruction and feedback that’s readily available at the click of a button. Administrators can utilize data generated within the system to streamline the educator evaluation process.

Frustration with the functionality of available e-learning technologies led to development of a powerful network designed to:

  • - increase student achievement through data driven instruction informed by learning and accountability analytics
  • - create an easy to access, customized curriculum repository while simultaneously developing an interactive e-learning environment for students
  • - develop student e-portfolios that will follow them throughout their education
  • - provide students and teachers access to secure, easy to use collaboration features
  • - provide administrators collaborative tools for educator evaluation
  • - streamline available web 2.0 tools in one easy to use system
  • - and so much more...

In addition to providing a powerful approach to e-learning, InfusionMatrix also serves as a global, collaborative online network that organizes opportunities for students around the world to design, innovate and create within the digital environment. The system represents and innovative approach to application of 21st Century skills in the modern classroom.