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100% Customizable
After spending over a decade in the classroom and watching several trends come and go, I realized quickly that our system needed to adapt to meet the needs of specific education systems. Whether homeschool, a private institution, or public education IM was built to be fully customizable to fit individual needs.

We also realize that we don't fully understand the needs of individual users, so we created the InfusionMatrix Feature Request List. Simply let us know what you want to see and we'll seriously consider your request.


Aloha Matt! In the resources, we'd like to be able to have folders so we don't have a long list of resources to search through. In addition to that, is there anyway we can make certain items hidden within a lesson so that students are only able to see/access parts of a lesson at a time? In moodle, we can open and close "eyes" so that in the student log in mode, they can only see what we want them to see. This also allows us to create a "due time" without dictating it when we create a lesson.
I think this is a major factor for some: The SLO's. What is the best way to describe how we integrate the SLO's into our Matrix, and not have to repeat our process multiple times throughout...

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While the work we are putting on this site is plentiful, I believe that we need to find an approach (if agreed) to give to the district that let's them know Infusion's Matrix is the one to use. What are some priorities that we can establish that are key to making this "the one" for everyone in the district. Not just a general approach.

We need to not set ourselves up for a fight from the staff, if we all agree this is the way we need to go. We need to find a unified approach to give to the district. One that's objective and shows the tremendous benefits to the rest of the district to try and avoid the "just another thing" though process that most will take.

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Love to have a floater box while adding in students. The longer the list the more difficult it is to quickly add names due to scrolling up and down to check accuracy. Also, the ability to click "enter" after typing in a name/email to enter a new student and not have to clear out the last name entered each time. Tried to add a series of students at once by putting commas between each address and it logged them all in as one student, and won't let me drop them.
Kuuipo: We LOVE the feedback on our current views. They will expand on an already monsterous list of feature requests. The interfact is of primary importance to us. It must be fluid and intuitive, so THANK YOU for your insights!
Kevin: We've developed a Phase I Integration plan districts can use to implement the system that will provide direction through realistic goals, benchmarks and milestones we can adjust to over time. This will ease the transition and give our mentors plenty of time to become familiar with the system.

Right now IM needs users in the system. Without getting people in there working with the various parts, we can't generate the traffic needed to work out the kinks.

Let me know if you're interested in checking out the plan we've drafted. I'd love to have your insights and input on how to make the transition as seamless as possible for teachers.

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