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Trademarked and Patent Pending
InfusionMatrix is proud to announce that our Trademark is official, the method of Reiterative Enquiry-based Adaptive Learning is patent pending, and we’re collaborating with the University Of Missouri College Of Education as we continue developing towards research based best practices, and enhancing the interoperability of our system.

Frustration with the stream of e-learning technologies that failed to meet individual student needs led to development of a comprehensive approach that genuinely supports higher and deeper levels of learning for students across the entire learning spectrum. After spending years working with students in differentiated environments focused on facilitation of personalized learning - I’ve learned to base modifications on one fundamental question: Is this what’s best for the student? This student first approach is the cornerstone of InfusionMatrix.

Young people need direction and accountability. When direction is presented to them as skills essential to success in a specific endeavor, and accountability measures are consistently applied and reinforced through meaningful feedback, intrinsic motivation becomes the driving force behind student learning. This type of learning is much deeper than the sort motivated by points and percentages related to often obscure grading methods. Clearly defined standards, objectives, and skills associated directly with specific learning experiences provide students an understanding of both the short and long term goals they are working toward, and even more importantly – why they are working towards them. This is the essence of the InfusionMatrix method of Reiterative Enquiry.

InfusionMatrix provides a new paradigm in education and represents an innovative approach to e-learning that has never been seen before. The personalized Learning Management Network was designed to provide a clear understanding of individual progress toward curricular standards, objectives and skills, as well as highlight interests, strengths, and weaknesses through digital learning profiles. This information will then be used to monitor and inform individual student progress toward college and career readiness standards, and inform the educator evaluation process. The modular design of our database, combined with research based best educational practices, provides K-12 education with an affordable, cutting edge tool that captures incremental student growth over time, and enhances educator effectiveness through data driven evaluation.

The story of InfusionMatrix has only just begun. We look forward to enabling every child to learn the high order skills they must acquire in order to succeed in the 21st century workplace. Our vision is to enhance educators ability to facilitate instruction that leads to acquisition of the knowledge, skills and learning dispositions required to foster critical and creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration and production capacity necessary to become persistent, empathetic, reflective innovators. Feel free to contact us today to learn how you can get involved in this cutting edge project that promises to change the way we think about student learning and achievement.

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